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Since I was a child I have been obsessed with make up, nails... beauty in general. When I was eight years old I would give my Auntie's manicures and pedicures using my mum's expensive shampoo. In addition, I would give them facials using my mum's favourite cleansers and moisturisers. You can imagine how thrilled she was! I would always be doing friend's and family member's make up for parties, fancy dress and then as my skills improved, I moved onto weddings. 

Since 2013, I have been helping real women feel amazing and then look incredible through the confidence coaching and beauty therapy. This is my dream job!

Each of my clients is an individual. Their circumstances, lifestyle, story and look are all different as are their needs. During the consultation it is an opportunity for the client to share everything they would like to improve or change about themselves.

One of the most common issues I hear is 'I don't feel confident about how I look'. In my experience as a teacher, woman and through the work I do now, you will not be able to appreciate how beautiful you are until you feel it.

Enhancing natural beauty is something I am really passionate about. Whether you're looking at beauty or aesthetics, it's important to be able to look at your reflection and still see you. Mature, or young, enhance your look, don't augment it.

I make you feel beautiful, then I make you beautiful. 

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